Need help buying a converter

I have an old xbox that does not have an HDMI output. I just recently got an HD monitor that only has HDMI and computer monitor plugins. I need a converter box that will allow me to plug in my VGA cables and output in HDMI. I know there are a lot of different variable in this whole situation so I'll do my best to answer all questions. Thanks for any help


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Moving to the Audio/Video forum, as they might be able to help further! :)

I don't think this is cheap/easy as it requires a VGA to HDMI converter (not just a simple cable adapter iirc)I remember some discussions of a Gefen product that would do the trick, but it was around $300.


I could be wrong though.

Don't bother, its easier just buying a refurbished one with an hdmi port.

Why can't you use the computer monitor inputs on the monitor instead (VGA) ?

I didn't think about that but I got to looking around and I found this.

Thank you all for the feedback though

Yep that'll do. I would be a little wary on buying a cheap VGA cable though as they used to have much poorer shielding. Maybe not so these days, but for an extra few quid/dollars the official one is the mutts.

Cheapest solution is trade in your current 360 or sell it and buy a newer model if you want HDMI. VGA will do just fine though I used an official VGA cable for a long time before I got a new console that had an HDMI port.

Also could you clarify on computer monitor plugins. Are they DVI or plain old  D-sub VGA?

You're better off just using the Xbox 360 VGA cable and a VGA switch box.  Yes most switch boxes luck ugly, but they work.  The switch box will allow you to connect your PC and 360 to the same screen, to swap, simply flick the switch.