Need Help! Bought my 360 TODAY and...

To my surprise when I registered it on it said my warranty will expire on June 03, no math wiz but thats way less than a year.  I bought it brand new this evening at walmart.  Everything looked professionaly sealed which is kinda confusing me because I know these things come with standard 1 yr warranty.  Wonder if I should return it or just contact microsoft about the issue?


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You do seem to have been 'cheated' out of about one week's warranty time.


Calling support is an option but if you are really worried I would return it.

Keep the receipt that shows the date you purchased it.  You should be fine as long as you have that.

Bring it back to walmart and get a different one it's possible someone brought the one you got back thats why the warranty is short 2 months

I would call 1-800-4MY-XBOX to see if they can fix the warranty date. If not, I'd take it back to Wal-Mart and ask for an exchange.

I can't count and must now hang my head in shame. Lord knows where I got the extra months from.

If I remember correctly the the back of the console should have a manufacture date on it. Check that date and see if it is 6-3-12. The system might be using that date.

console was 12/20/2011.  struck me kinda odd that it sat on a shelf for almost 8 months.  voteDC its ok bro i cant count sometimes myself lol.  i think what happened someone MIGHT have got this console registered it and brought it back maybe, i dunno.  just hoping walmart will rectify the situation before my internet gets turned on at home on friday.  everything looked packed pretty well but then again there are some really good con artists out there.  hmm.  hopefully walmart will let me exchange it tomorrow.  but i was wondering something, i registered this console with support (which is how i found all of this out), if i take this back and register the other system will it cancel out my current console that im about to take back?

thought i would mention too that there wasnt even a headset and im pretty sure it was supposed to have one.  also the warranty goes off the date of purchase and not the manufacture date if i am not mistaken.

The 4gb xbox 360's doesnt come with a headset.  If you bought the 250gb version then it should have had a headset.