Need help badly with msn i dont no where to go.

Can someone help me i keep getting spammed [Mod edit - email removed]  everytime i sign in iv tryed blocking him and it wont let me any way to stop the spams.


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you need to post on the support forum ,a  moderator will help you quicker

Best way is to sign on through a laptop and block him that way and block from mail!!!

You'll need to sign into messenger and block the contact.  


It seems some users are able to provide more assistance.  I've unlocked this thread for their replies.

This happened to be at the start of the year. A friend has gotten some malware on his PC, then it targets everyone in his contacts, that's why you are getting these messages I believe.

Since with the new Windows LIVE Messenger, you cannot "Block" anyone anymore, you can only appear offline to them. That doesn't solve the issue as you still get thoses messages.

What I did was click on "Help" and then "Report Abuse". Then I told them what happened, and they blocked him through their servers and deleted him. (I deleted him as well, but I still kept getting these messages).

Anyway after that, I haven't received any SPIM (SPAM equivalent on IM). I hope this helped.

Do a anti-virus scan, see if anything occurs.

If anything does or does not occur (for the virus scan) then unistall messenger, and re-install it.

so they made it so you cant block anyone on MSN? whats that about have some of the developers been blocked and not liked it. Jesus what a joke....

Fight me on xbox live RTCW :) you know you want to...

Thanks for the replys. I have reported the person and it seemed to stop. Thanks.

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Thanks for the replys. I have reported the person and it seemed to stop. Thanks.



Glad I could help.