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The wife and I are thinking about going Gold, we recently got WiFi and we can now go online with our xbox360 but we have no idea how to plan it in reguards to our bank account, when someone joins xbox gold what do they get in return for their money? Do they have to still pay the cost of a game to play the game or is it included? The wife and I are huge fans of first person shooters, we like to play system link ( When we didnt have xbox live ) using two t.v.'s but to do that with xbox live we  both would need our own accounts, right?

What else do we get, is there a site which explains it all BEFORE we purchase?

Thank you one and all for any and or all help, 



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You and your wife would both need their own accounts.


"Do they still have to pay the cost of a game"  -- What does that mean?  Are you literally asking us if you still need to purchase a game in order to play it?  Of course you do.


Be on the look out for Gold deals.  You can normally find a 12 mo. subscription card for upwards to 20 dollars off the regular 60.

My personal opinion and what I do is buy a 12 month gold subscription from Amazon, Walmart etc whoever is cheaper. As for xbox live accounts, if both of you want gold live then u both need to pay. As for games just as normal you buy a game either in a store or on xbox live dashboard.  The reason u need gold is to play multiplayer games, be able to use netflix, amazon, other apps but you still need to pay their subscription fee as well.

You can also try xbox gold free for 1 month when you make a silver account on your xbox, at least thats how it used to be.

Think very carefully about putting your credit card details on there , I prefer to use pre-paid codes that are available at various retailers.Xbox live is well worth the money in my opinion so yeah , go for it.MS are currently giving away 2 games a month free of charge(albeit some are pretty old,but free is free right).