Need help activating 1 month account...

I, 2 days ago, made a 1 month account. I already have another account which has been a gold member for 3 years, and another account i recently purchased a 3 month code for..

I made this account for GB if you know what that is, and my doubles partner wants me to make him a 1 month account aswell...


So i made a new email to make the account with, and i go through the process on the console, and it says "Start your 30 day free trial now". So i click on that option, but yet it wants me to add payment options? 2 Days ago when i made one it didn't say that, so I have no idea how to deal with this?


Please someone help :)


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i think you have reached your limit of free 1 month accounts on your 360 as far as i am aware there is no way around this

Microsoft have changed the free trial option now. As you've discovered you need to add a payment option if you want to make use of it.


There's no way around this, if you want the free month a payment method must be added. I assume it is done that way so people will forget and it'll end up renewing.


If you do add a payment method then make sure to turn automatic renewal off on this page or by calling support


I'd just create a Silver and buy a pre-paid Gold card if you don't want to add a payment method.

Well isn't it sort of like a scam then? They make people add their card details to accounts and many people will forget about it, therefore having money taken off them even if they have sold their xbox/traded in their xbox? Abit stupid to have this system... Thankyou all anyway :)