need for speed most wanted problem

Ok so have had nfs for a while but since an update it has all gone wrong, everytime I load up I am told to download a multiplayer update for 525 mb I download it the game restarts nd then it says I need the update again, I tried again 3 times same thing happens I then deleted the download from my hard drive and tried to download this update again from the downloads section in need for speed I then boot the game up again bam im told I need the newcontent/multiplayer dlc.

This wouldnt be a problem if not for the fact that 90% of the games I now join are glitched ie matches wont start or cars are invisible, I have also cleared the system cache still doesnt work I got this game brand new with limited edition codes and its now very annoying as I have been avoiding playing it just because of this problem

Any suggestions would be appreciated cheers guys 


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This was a common issue for a few days when the update was originally released. Thought they had fixed it - you seem to have done the obvious so not sure what to suggest, sorry. If you can't get any help with it you might want to delete everything NFS from your HDD including the installed game and just start over ?

Try clearing your cache before you go deleting save files etc.


I've had weird stuff like this happen before but clearing the cache usually seems to sort it for me.

Came across this thread that seem's to have found a fix via the link on there

Thanks for the tips guys and dezee that thread did the trick

Good news, glad you got it sorted :)