Need answers for Xbox One, I'm confused.

Okay well I have a few questions 1) Can you keep your gamerscore and gamer card from xbox 360 and all your friends? 2) Can you play online with people who have a 360 when you're on the xbox one? 3) Can you transfer data from the 360 hard drive to Xbox One? For example, I want to play GTA V on Xbox one if I can download it (as I haven't seen an xbox one version) but I don't want to do the story all over again. I think that's about it for all I want to know, I can't find any direct answers to these questions.

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1) Definitely.

2) No, but you can send messages for sure and I believe you're able to voice chat cross platform. Also, it's rumoured that Xbox One players will be able to play with PC players, although that is unconfirmed at this time.

3) There are a couple games which support import/export of 360 saves to a One, but it's only confirmed for a handful right now.

Is there a list somewhere that shows which games support the import/export?

From what I've heard so far, it will not be possible to voice chat between the Xbox One and the Xbox 360 because of the complete change of voice codec. I think it was when Major Nelson posted audio samples comparing the two codecs on his blog that it was mentioned. Sour grapes, but I welcome the improvement in audio quality.