Need advice, turtle beach headset.

hiya folks , need some advice on what turtle beach headset to buy my lad , he has been asking for some for a while now . so i need some opinions on what ones are decent and value for money. also where to buy from would be a great help .

many thanks in advance


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well i got x11 they brill but you have alot of leads lol if you get x41 they wireless i think but you be buying batterys alot lol i recommend x11 turtle beaches they rock :)

X11 probably the best option unless you got lots of cash to spend, picked mine up for about 35 quid in tesco.  Very good for call of duty, and also excellent for listening to music on the PC.  Money well spent.

i've just got x11s they were £30 free delivery on amazon. There's a couple of cables but they're very long so no issues if sitting a normal distance away from the screens :) so far so good. There's a slight buzzing if using a plug and charge kit (or on mine and according to google according to a few) so if he's using rechargeable battery packs then there will probabaly be a noise just whilst it's charging (if using the usb charger attached to the xbox) but this isn't an issue when using the controller wirelessly

TB x11`s


I use the X11`s and find them very good,they are comfy when worn on long hours of game play (although your ears may get warm) & the sound quality is good.

As for the wiring yes it is long so you have no worry about adaptability,if you sit near the HD/TV like myself you can by wire wraps and tidy the excess wire up.

I would buy the TB x11`s as you can not go wrong for your money,I bought them when they were 37.99 so I would grab them while they are at 30 pounds.

If you can go for the X4's  wireless and surround sound, the price has come down,  I got mine from the Tesco site for £75 quid.   And no you dont need to keep changing batteries,  a set lasts for about 20 hours of gaming (two sets of rechargables and happy days)