Need a router that doesn't have portforwarding problems. Please help. Using a wired connection.


I need help looking for a good router. My setup is wired. The wire (Ethernet cable?) runs to a switch to a wall that leads downs to the basement to a router connected to a cable modem. Please pardon me if I am getting terms wrong.


Currently I have a Linksys router WRT160Nv3- or rather, kind of old. It keeps on giving me I have a moderate/strict NAT error. I followed all sorts of portforwarding instructions and even tried DMZ. Nothing worked. Plugging it directly into the modem resulted in a Open Connection, so I believe its a router problem.


It's actually about time we got a new router anyway since we occasionally have problems. I've done some research and one article in particular has some suggestions.


However, pretty much each one has negatives and the positive reviews seem to be written like companies hiring people, particularly Netgear's N750 Wireless Dual Band Gigabit Router.


This one guy here:


Enter this into google.
Don't click the first result, but hit the small green arrow to the right of the url and click cached.


mentions using a WES610N Bridge and also mentions EA4500 and E4200. Typing EA4500 and E4200 both show portforwarding issues. I typed in WES610N XBox Live and it seems to come up with the least amount of issues. Perhaps I misunderstand the WES610N bridge though. Typing in the E ones show up portforwarding issues.


I'm kind of iffy about going wireless since I'm on the second floor of my house while the modem and router are in the basement. Unless there is any suggestions or if I have a misconception, please let me know. A lot of articles seem to mention using wireless.


Just a heads up, but I am avoiding Belkin. I've had nothing but bad experiences with that brand. Although I'm starting to become iffy with Linksys.


I admit I am not good with networking at all. Any help to get a working setup would be supremely extremely appreciated. Thank you in advance.


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I'll take this from the stand point I view it as.  When it comes to routers and switches - just stick to a router if you can.  I don't use wireless though, I'm against using it due to the connectivity issues it provides for where I'm at (copper all around).  It's great that you want to extend your cables, but having a direct connection to the modem // router is where you'll get the maximum amount of speed from.  The article is right, if you're just using it for gaming you don't need to spend that much money on it.  If you can avoid having to use a switch I would avoid it, just hard wire yourself into the router.  

I personally use a TP-LINK TL-R860 as a router along with a 50ft CAT5e cable.  I'm not too sure with what you're asking, but I will give you the best input I can.  When it comes to routers I always use wired.  If you need to use a switch NETGEAR FS105 is a good choice.  From what it sounds like you're not attempting to extend and create your own network.  I would just recommend using a switch.

If you need to open ports Microsoft uses the ports 88 (UDP), 3074 (UDP//TCP), 53 (UDP/TCP), and 80 (TCP).  Network Address Translation is something that involves your computer communicating with the router or the other way around.  Which means you can be having a conflict with your DHCP server.  If you manually assign yourself an IP address, create a static one, that usually works as long as your router accepts the address.  

You seem like you want to upgrade: I would advise going out and spending the 10USD or so on a 50ft CAT5 cable with a RJ45 connector (your standard Ethernet cable) and hard wire yourself in.  If you need to buy a new router NETGEAR/LINKSYS/CISCO are all generally good.  

I hope this somewhat answers your question...  

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