need a cheap solution

im picking up a new 360 and refuse to pay 40 bucks for a cable so will this work with my new 360?


can you direct me to something else (no ebay)


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* Please enter only numbers. is great for cables on the cheap. I've gotten all but one of my HDMI cables from them and have had no problems.  the best place to get cabling for dirt cheap.  

Hint: you don't need gold plated connectors, it is simply a cash grab.

That walmart cable is an ok price.  Monoprice you could get a 10' or 15' for that price likely.


ANY HDMI cable will work BTW.

You say you are getting a new one, do you already have one that came with a HDMI cable? If so you might as well ask if you can keep the old one, that's what I did when I traded in my elite and they said I could keep it.

um not all hdmi cables are created equally,you will have distortion from a cheap cable.there is a reason that some cost more than others,its not some made up thing that one is better than another.

having said that,will most people notice the diffrence?no.

would i use cheap cables with anything to do with my a/v setup?no.

if your poor and want something better than the regular tv settings would cheap cables work better than that?yes.

what are you saying ????? a 10$ HDMI cable will do the same as a 100$ one , can ppl stop saying things that they aren`t aware . Tons of ppl buy cables from monoprice for 10$ aren`t they happy .... yes they are, please stop saying things that are not true .

HDMI is digitial, it either works or it doesn't. The only thing regarding build quality that would effect you is a loose (or too snug) plug.

So long as your cable has shielding (and I've never seen one that hasn't) they are all equal. people that spend 40, 50, 100 bucks or more on HDMI cables are INSANE.

Correct HDMI transmits zeros and ones,  I don't think it has issues till you get really far like 200+ feet.  I don't think it needs shielding till like 100' but most do anyways.  If you decide you want an analog signal to look good go with some really nice monster cables.  You should get a nice 3ft cable for about 10$.

I've bought all my hdmi and optical cables off amazon for dirt basically end up paying for shipping only and cables cost you pennies...

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