need a batman to help me lol(maybe spoilers)

ok im kinda stuck iv just taken down 6 guys in the amour room heading toward iceberg lounge to face penguin but im reading off the net i need some sort of weapon? if so were do i find it?  but the game is telling me to find mr freeze so im kinda lost any help would be good cheers


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if you looking into the room with the water, its to your left. Iceberg is straight infront of you. Go and save Mr freeze then he gives you (highlight to see) a kind of jammer thing to jam his weapon so you can attack penguin.

When doing the Penguin mission, you do need to go to Mr Freeze and get a bit of kit that will disable his freeze gun, this is what Penguin has, you can do everything but fight Penguin without the gadget, but you will need to get it from Freeze to finish the mission, but the game will tell you trigger this, go find Penguin...he will fire the ice gun at you and the game will tell you to go find freeze

Actually he wan't in there was he? He was in the police department? I only did it yesterday aswell lol.

so were do i find mr freeze? is he in iceberge lounge?

I think he's in his hideout which if I remember correctly is the police department, top right corner of your map.

Freeze can be found in the Police Station, trigger his mission and follow the temp gage but its the top right corner of the map. Make sure you have triggered the part where the game tells you to grab the jammer or it might not open up the freeze part

Like charmer has said, pretty sure unless you trigger the bit where you need the jammer to fight penguin, he won't appear at the station.

nice just found mr freeze he was in the war room

Good stuff :)