I am VERY curious to know if anyone has, perhaps upon some random meanderings online over the years, come across any 3rd party software that would: ALLOW YOU TO CONNECT A PC TO XBOX360 VIA USB-USB TO SIMULATE A CONTROLLER.  The idea is that you could control xbox360 from your computer, making it think the signals were coming from an actual controller.

Why do I ask?

I have come to find that Skype has a very good compression rate and therefore, on a bad internet connection, lag will only be a couple seconds at most; and on a good will hardly exist at all.  I am currently able to watch and control tv over skype very well from my house (for those times when you can't watch the superbowl at work but have an ok internet connection).  

So now I have the idea: if I can stream an Xbox360 video feed from the Xbox to Pc, over Skype, and to any remote location; is there a way to also CONTROL THE XBOX REMOTELY, perhaps via some kind of VNC program?

Let me know your findings/thoughts. THANKS.


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There's an IR port on the 360 for remote control with a Windows Media Center remote. Between that and a SlingBox, you can control a 360 remotely as well as stream video from it.

To use the WMC remote wouldn't you need to be in the same location as the Xbox?  Or is it a different type of remote?

The Slingbox comes with an IR blaster. SlingPlayer clients allow remote connections to send remote signals via the IR blaster.

Ok thats interesting.  Now would that work for gaming? Or would it only apply to music and video?

only for music and video