NBA league pass and NFL?

So I have nba league pass. Obviously xbox one does not have NBA or NHL apps since Sony has the exclusive rights.

So my question is... Can the web browser on the xbox one pull up league pass on website and just watch it via that on my xbox one? I havent dived to far into smartglass yet but can I load the league pass app on my S4 or my ipad while using smartglass and have it mirrored to my xbox one?

So frustrating ahhhhh 

Also with the NFL exclusive rights to the xbox one does that mean we get all the games each week live via xbox one? Or what?  I dont think its that cool to just have nfl network and redzone.. my cable has that and its free lol... I want it to be something like sunday ticket with all the games


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Considering that there are millions of people like myself that pay $300/year for NFL Sunday Ticket, then no they are not going to just let people have access to it for free.  The only way you get that free is if you are a new DirecTV customer and then you have to pay the going rate after the first year if you wish to keep it.

So what you are saying is this NFL exclusive stuff on xbox one is just the same free crap i get with comcast and online lol.. redzone is stupid and nfl network has the WORST analysts... you dont even get live streams of any games?

Why are they pushing this with their marketing so hard?  its not even a sexy draw... SMH

So will the Redzone channel be free on the XO?

If it's available on the 360,why not the XOne? Also, the way I read the info from,it will be available. They also have NHL apps

Yep that is what I am saying.

Gametime and NHL apps are exclusive to  ps4 this year... no idea about the future they say.  Which is ridiculous because the xbox is the entertainment system and they are stealing my league pass from me.. I paid 199.99 for nba league pass on tablet, pc and xbox but now theres not gametime app for xbox one so i have to watch on my freaking laptop... might just connect my laptop to my tv but still the xbox app was so convenient.