hey i was just wondering does anyone still play naughty bear?


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Great game.


Too bad so many kids jumped on the "bad review bandwagon" and missed out on this gem.


I respect anyone who's actually played it for more than a chapter (let alone 5 minutes) and found it wasn't really for them.


Most people who try to knock it can't make that claim though.


Bullying, badgering, beating, stalking, hunting, hitting, sabotaging, maiming, burning, destroying and killing the other bears in so many different ways just never seems to lose it's appeal.


A title I still go back to regularly.



i loved the idea of the this game and i did play it for a while (rented for 2 days) while it can be fun to play and some of the execution moves are fun it felt unfinished and glitchy,

makes me glad i rented it but sad that it wasn't given more love and attention. Awesome idea poor execution but not as bad as many people say

Yep still do lol

SO I recently switched from the original Naughty Bear to Naughty Bear Gold Edition, and I Love not having to download every episode ;3;

Really love the game its simple at some parts a little hard at others and all around a good game if you ACTUALLY take

the time to play it rather than watch the game trailer.

Still play the game all the time and between other games. LOVE IT!!

( only part that bothered me was there were a few minor glitches that would make me have to start a episode over.

and that the game ends D: )

I see some of the achievements are still glitched anyone know if there's a way to fix them?? I have done level 10 so many times now lol. It's not the gold edition, and its downloaded extra content. Any clues?

One of the many games i was meant to go back to but never.

Maybe one day.

hehe i play it but im new to xbox relly i play cod more even though i die more than i kill lol

I enjoyed this game and its one I should go back to when I have that spare 5 minutes.  My kids didn't like the idea of this game due to them having loads of teddys in there bedrooms.  The mind did wonder

whats is the difference between gold edititon 2011 and reg. 2010

thought it was a terrible game, played it for a few days but thought it was mind numbingly boring

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