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Ok, so despite the fact this game has haters I'm loving it, and only a few more platinum medals stand in my way for the full 1000g.

But my question is this : Do platinums/naughty points from the DLC (episodes 8/9/10) count towards the original totals on the original game? So lets say I get a platinum medal on the DLC episodes, will they count towards my achievment for 28 platinum medals? And will the naughty points earnt go onto the 250million achievment?


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I would say no as if you don't have the DLC you are at a disadvantage as you have a better chance off getting the scores etc; check out some off the guide sites and see what they say.

Well, it's cumulative so it wouldn't effect it really. For example, if I need say 20million points for something, then I can just keep replaying any level in the game. All the points are cumulative, it doesn't just take your best score.

I did have a read around but didn't see anything :(