NAT problems / sudden packet loss

My NAT is constantly switching between open and moderate, which makes playing with friends somewhat difficult. Sometimes have trouble connecting to parties and lobbies. I play a decent amount of Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition and in the middle of the round, the game will "freeze" (lag extremely hard causing huge frame rate issues) and one of us will be removed from the endless battle lobby. Also, not sure if this is common or not, but I am constantly disconnecting from Xbox One parties, and I will get the error message, "Due to network limitations blah blah blah". Also, I am having extremely long loading times on Titanfall. My friend will be playing the match and I will still be in the loading screen. Even when joining other peoples lobbies, it takes extremely long. Which leads me to my next problem.

I am all of the sudden experiencing packet loss, up to 10%, which was previously zero. I just updated my router's firmware, so I think that may have possibly played a role. My router's firmware version is V1.0.0.22

My setup is a Cisco DPQ2425 Modem and a Netgear WNDR3400v3 router. One ethernet cord runs from the modem to the router, and then an ethernet cord from the router to the Xbox 360, and my Xbox One is currently connected wirelessly.


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I hate a cable ...... will need to give the x1 a static ip and forward a few ports if you router dosent have the upnp  thingy ...... lots of nat info here....

Also , some routers have a VERY hard time with 2 Xboxes , one or the other will get the open x1 is open but my 360 is moderate , but im shopping for a new router as we speak

Is it possible you are running double NAT? If your modem is also a router you need to make sure it is in bridge mode so your Netgear router is doing all the NAT.