NAT Issues

Im hoping someone cant point me in the right direction as i have ran out of ideas.

I have been gaming for 10+ yrs and ive never ran into a moderate Nat. I have two xboxs 360 in the house and up until about a month ago both had open nats. One day Xbox #1 went to moderate, i didnt really think to much of it as i normally dont play on it my Son does and he didnt seem bothered by it. About a week ago it went to strict so i had to get it fixed. Went into the router, reset it, double checked UPNP was enabled, i ended up did port fowarding on that xbox and it went to open. 3-4 days went by and Xbox #2 which is my xbox went to moderate. ive tried multiple differnt things with no success, I swapped port fowarding to my xbox, put the IP into dmz, cleared the Upnp table, cycled the router, checked firmware, reset the router to factory, also tried just my xbox connected to the router on different ports and nothing has worked. I normally play FPS and this delay in on the router really affects game play, currently as it sits xbox #1 has an open Nat and Xbox #2 is moderate. Im not an expert on networks but i feel ive done everything except for swapping the equipment, is there something im missing ?

My equipment:

Both xbox 360 are newer slims

Both are hard wired with cat5

Router Brand : Linksys

Model: E2500

Internet: Cox


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