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Hi everyone,

I've just setup my Netgear Router so my NAT is open. I used the guide here to open the ports. My router has only let me add to of the ports/services to my router (88/3074) I have checked both MW3 and GofW3 and they say my NAT is Open. I just want to make sure this is correct.

It must be but I would just like clarification to put me at ease.


Thanks all in advance.


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I don't know a great deal about this but you do want open NAT or you could have MP/party chat issues, so if its saying yours is open you are good to go Teroknor :).

Like Pilgrim I don't know much about this myself but if it's saying 'Open' now then all should be ok!


For any possible issues with NAT, Broadband etc check the link below, very good site!

Thanks Guys.

Me either I kind of followed the instructions using the link on the Support page. I was just concern that the guide says to open the four ports but my router only let's me do two. This could be the fact that my old Sky Netgear router is rubbish.

Can anyone else put my mind at ease?

do a test through system setting if you are still unsure. If it is open it won't say anything; just something like xbox live is okay. The report only says if you have a moderate or strict NAT.

But if the games are telling you your NAT is open it's pretty safe to assume it's open!

Yeah, did all that last night and all cam back OK.

I reset my router a few weeks back and the NAT was open but then after a couple of days it reverted back to Moderate. Lets hope with the setup I have done it stays like that?

Sky Routers use their own firmware/settings and they are crap; i just wish i had Virgin Media in area i moved to!