nasty language

i was told by another  gamer to do nasty things to him.i reported him and nothing was  done . i dont think its fair that this person gets away with iy. if i did it  would be suspended it doesn't seem fair,what can be done


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You could grow a thicker skin. People are going to be idiots, just ignore them. If you flagged them, chances are you won't play with them again.

So what nasty things did you do ????    (just kidding)

First off, Don't do what everyone tells you over chat.......  Make up your own mind.

Second, what makes you think someone else can get away with it ???

Just Mute, Block Communications, and Avoid this player through the console features.  Since you already filed a report, doing these extra steps will insure you never meet again.

Move on and have fun.     Maybe appear offline before you loggin for a while if you feel it's nessasary too...  GOOD LUCK!!!!