Name, Location, Bio Missing?

Hello Everyone. I've recently noticed while editing my Profile I've had many things missing.

Those being My Location, Bio, and Name. The weird thing is, I haven't had any Profanity in any of those. No Racism. Nothing.

So I really don't know what to think. I've tried numerous things from accessing my online profile, account settings but when I try to log in with my E-Mail, It won't access it.

So please if anyone's had this problem before, I could really use some help on what to do. Or what's happened to my profile.




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Well I have never gotten this problem before but I would like to help you. To be more clear, what did you write on your Location, Bio and Name? Did you put any symbols on your profile's bio that was from another Language?

did you try to re-download your profile

I am also experiencing these problems, and I have not found a fix for it. And when I ask my friends about what my profile says they say that it hasn't been removed, so I don't think Microsoft did this.

Try using the website to edit info or, Start a new topic.

If your under the age of 18 and your parents set up the parent controls it may be the reason you can not do that. Also for what I understand it may be your settings.