N Adaptor/Xbox Slim/Simultaneous Dual Band

hey. considering upgrading my network at home to incorporate a simultaneous dual band router but i'm not sure it would be worth it. 

I have a 360 Slim (only 2.4gHz), three Macbook pros, couple of iPhones and an Apple TV as well as some external storage i'd like to connect to the router via usb.

I think the ATV can use 5gHz, and i understand that it's fine for our computers and phones to use 2.4gHz.

In light of this, i was wondering if anyone has any experience and recommendations as to whether attaching the black Wireless N adapter to my xbox 360 Slim and connecting to the 5gHz band will be beneficial to me. money isn't really an issue, i just want good performance, and i don't want to be *** around. if you think this set up would be good and can suggest a router that will say "oh hey, that's an xbox, let me just automatically make it work perfectly", i want to know about it.

Before any kooks start coming to the party saying "just run it wired", i can't run it wired. Router is in another room and i'm not having a cable running through my house. and i'm in rental so that's why i haven't relocated my phone socket to the lounge room. (i used to be a comms cabler...that would have been my first option)

i live in a suburban area, no interference issues as yet, ADSL2+ connection (I'm in Australia and cable isn't available in my town)

in other words. Sim-dual band yes or no? N adapter to access 5gHz band yes or no? Recommend the best router.



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but dual band is good. all PC's now can go more then 2.4gHz but if more them 4+ wireless stuff is on at the sametime it will make you lagg in game and your PC may go slow too

you are better of going in the xbox support forums for that help as more people


and did you set up your network or did you get some one in to do it for you?

You can use a Wireless N adapter with your Slim if you wish.  These adapters support 5Ghz, however, how well it will work depends on your router. 

There is a a list of rounters that Microsoft have verified that known to be fully compatable with the Xbox 360 console: http://support.xbox.com/xbox-live/connecting/network-hardware-compatible-xbox-live

Make sure your router is running the correct firmware for best results.