My xbox's now bricked, due to the new update via preview.

(Personally, i would not download the new experience yet, well it doesn't scale well on large tv's compared to the current version, but if there was a way to use the 360 emulator as another alternative towards a choice in dashboard it would be that.)

Anyhows, as preview member, that i couldn't care less about(well now anyways.) had received a update that took forever to update, almost 10 hours, in broken intervals, but eventually updated.

(I spent about 10 minutes on certain parts, (explorer edge, was speedier, but seems like their new html5+with typescript seems biased on some websites for now. and then completely crashes.)

(I get the impression here, the new experiences targeted towards those in bedrooms, or dorms who want a pc experience in a multimedia fashioned facebook/twitter/way, rather a sleek optional customised version tailored by you.)

So i reverted my system to default settings. now it's bricked, i thought if i would revert to the old update given "the'new'experience" is the default dashboard would exclude me from the update.I'm not going to explain why i find the new update annoying, that's my opinion form your own, it's just i have no access to my accounts due to this.

I may need the xbox offline diagnostics tool, to see what could be done for now, their is a error code 0x80070102, but yields nothing for now.


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I fixed the issue, localisation was the problem. Must be set correctly or hexadecimal number will appear corresponding to the problem. sad i cannot revert back tho, because the browser before would run 80p percent of the internet, except flash. now it won't even run babylon.js.   (but it seems when you revert to default and have no internet it becomes compulsory for some reason, couldn't get past it but did.)

Seems improved when gaming, loads faster, network protocols seems smoother when transitioning.

Still lags the game, just not as bad.

But that menu yikes, with all the xbox bundles coming out, you would think each version would have a tailormade operating system.

Lounge room ui

Hardcore ui

Streamer ui

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