My Xbox One Final Thoughts

The other day when I posted on this forum, I may have made a few moderators mad with my direct comparisons of the Xbox one with the PlayStation 4 and I would like to apologize for that. With all that being said and all the posts that are made about which is better I would like to note that the Xbox one is a very amazing piece of tech with more media features than the ps4. While I own both I currently enjoy my xbox more because as of writing this it can simply do more.

However,the Sony team can patch most of this into their system as time goes on (they aleady have decent voice recognition), a tablet app, and they even have remote play if you wish to purchase a vita. So software aside can someone from microsoft please explain to me how your harware can keep up with the hardware within the ps4.

I posted a detail review of both consoles on Amazon and as of launch I have the x1 with higher marks. Please do not make me out to be a troll because I am not. I could sit here all day and tell you why I like the x1 better, but I'm afraid for the future. Honestly in a few years direct tv will probably have voice recognition software of their own (apple already does) and most smart tvs already have the apps the x1 offers and they snap to the screen (anyone own a modern Vizio?). To top it off I still must use my tv remote because the x1 doesn't fully replace all of its features.

This is what I'm getting at; I love my new xbox but I would have liked better gaming harware (gpu, ram, CPU) to help explain the cost of the system.

Quick Pros:

Revolutionary voice commands

Tons of apps

Most of the multiplatform games (as of writing this) look better on the x1 with the exception of assassins creed.

Great Launch lineup

The system itself simply operates more like next gen tech in my opinion

Quick Cons:

Large foot print (put the psu inside and this would resolve this in my opinion).

No replaceable hard drive

No battery life indicator

No hard drive stats (storage, free space, ect)

Inferior gaming hardware compared to the ps4 (40% or better):
12 CU vs 18
1.7 teraflops vs 1.3
memory bandwith 68 GB/s vs 178 GB/s
1100~ shader units vs 760~ shader units
32 ROPs vs 16 - please note all of the higher numbers are the ps4 stats).


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