My Xbox One Experience - Faulty Xbox One

Here to Complain about my purchase of a Xbox One, Not To Show Disrespect to none of the companies in question. (Redraft of this as page decided to refresh and delete the 8 paragraphs i had wrote.) Long Post. (not bothered about grammer, quick type post)

Ok, Beginning of December, I Order a Xbox One Bundle From which was a Xbox One Console and FIFA 14 Digital Download.

4 Days Later I receive my purchase. at this Time i had no Physical disc versions of a game. I only had FIFA14. I Ordered some games in which one arrived 2 days after Xbox One Arrival. I put the game into the disc tray in which it made a loud grinding noise. "This disc is Unreadable, Please try another game or a DVD or a CD", i tried the game disc to more times. grinding noise and unreadable. i get onto xbox support live chat. in which the 'Xbox Representative asked what was wrong, i told them how my xbox one was  brand new and wasnt reading disc, they told me to try another game disc in which i didnt have, so i asked if i could try a dvd, in which the replied "you can try", so i tried a new out of the wrapper DVD and CD, in which bother was unreadable after the grinding noise.

The Representative started saying how he knew the DVD would not work as the y are a Different Formatted Disc (which is correct but the xbox should be able to read if in working condition). i told them the disc tray is broken and not the disc as a brand new game, a brand new dvd and a brand new cd, all never worked after a grinding noise was heard.

The representative started shifting the blame of the simple, "Faulty Xbox" to "Activision sent out a Faulty Disc" baring in mind 2 other disc = unreadable. The representative would not admit the xbox was to fault. so he linked me to a form to request a new disc from Activision. in which i closed the chat and started up a new one.

I got a nice polite Representative, they told me i was allowed a 'Advanced Exchange' in which they send me out a new Xbox One within 5 days, and once it arrives, i send my faulty one back. so i tried to do this option in which you need a Credit Card (Debit Cards are not allowed, I Tried), as once you recieve the Xbox One, you would have 15 days for Xbox to recive the faulty console otherwise you would be charged the full price of £440.

I couldnt do this option so the only other option was a 'Standard Exchange' Option which I accepted the option and closed the chat, when i finished filling the online forms and registeration form, i noticed it was for a 'Repair' on a 'Standard Exchange' Option of which would take 15-20 days to process and recive my Used, yet repaired Xbox One.

I didnt like this at all, i got back onto the Support Live Chat, The Next Representative (Representative No.3), told me about the 'Advanced Exchange' and that Debit Cards were acceptable. Which she later on Reveiled that they wern't allowed.

Well this representative, was nice, but it took about 40 minutes before they actually started to help on my problem, they told me i could do the 'Standard Exchange'. 15-20 days, for a 'replacement'. i was happy with this and was willing to wait the duration.

Once i had packed the Xbox, Print the labels and arrange a Pick Up From UPS parcel delivery, i noticed on the Xbox Support Tracking System, it said 'Repair', i was concerned, but yet thinking it was a typo.

16 days had passed and i received my so called 'Replacement', In which was false as it was a repair, (serial number of the console is the same as the faulty once originally purchased).

I placed in the Activision game and it worked, then i find out it need to be installed, i wasnt fussed, my disk drive worked. after 20 minutes of waiting for it to install, it hadnt even reached 1%. I got in touch with Xbox Support, they was happy the disc drive worked but was concerned that the installation was too slow. they told me to cancel installation, disconnect from wireless network, and start installation, in which worked and was installed within 10 minutes.

i was happy and ended live chat.

Today, i tried to install another game. i waited over a hour for installation in which was still uncomplete after this wait. It was still 0%, i tried the steps giving by the 4th Xbox Representative. install was complete withing 15 minutes.


I paid £440 for a 'Brand New, Fresh, Newly Released Xbox One", and Recieved a Faulty Xbox One inwhich was Repaired and not replaced like promised by Xbox, and now stands as a Second-Hand Refurbished Version of The so Called ' Brand New, Fresh, newly releashed Xbox One'.

This is a JOKE, I want Xbox to Send Me Out a Brand New Xbox One, In Complete Working condition at the Advanced Exchange Package, with out me needing a Credit Card, and Once Recieved I will Happily get rid of this scrap, poor excuse of a New Generation Console out of my house. 

I will be getting in touch with Xbox Support for the 5th time about the Console And i Hope they do what i say otherwise ill be getting a full refund from them or in which i will be going else were for my entertainment, Xbox One is ment to be a plugin and play console, not a Hassle.

Thanks for reading, my post is more of an awareness of the poor serviced, false claimed company as we know as XBOX.


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[quote user="GOLDY J"]I paid £440 for a 'Brand New, Fresh, Newly Released Xbox One", and Recieved a Faulty Xbox One inwhich was Repaired and not replaced like promised by Xbox, and now stands as a Second-Hand Refurbished Version of The so Called ' Brand New, Fresh, newly releashed Xbox One'.[/quote]

With all due respect you agreed to a repair (Exchange program) and and it would appear you got the same console back (Serial Number). 

IMHO as you had only just purchased your console your contract was with the seller, in your case that would be Shopto. I don't know what they would be like for returns but that is the reason I usually purchase items like consoles from Amazon who are very customer focussed and  allow easy returns and exchanges.