My Xbox Live Not Updating Info....

Hey guys what's going on,
This happened to me yesterday, I hopped on the Xbox One, like not actually hopped on it, in case I break the dam thing. Anyway I hopped on and see 7 friends on the friends list, but no activity feed and other things. I was like alright, must be a small issue that they'll fix shortly, so I'll let it go by. I checked it today, still no activity feed and oddly enough, it shows the same friends on, doing the same thing like yesterday. Even though, I'm connected to Xbox Live. I've restarted it, restarted the router, disconnected the connection from Xbox Live, everything and it hasn't been fixed. The only solution I might have is to restore it to factory settings, but honesty, I don't want to. Is there any other solutions that may solve the problem?
Yours Sincerity - BlakeyJunkie


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