my xbox live app on iPhone: pause, play, fastforward, rewind

So i was really excited to use this app when i got home yesterday because i had some movies to watch and the fact that i could use this as my dvd controller instead was exciting to hear.

However, i couldn't find out how to get to these buttons? the only thing i saw when hitting controller was the 4 arrows with the A button in the middle and the Y, X, and B buttons below.

I thought after reading the description that the controller view would change when playing a DVD. or is it only for videos ON the xbox?


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hopefully intime they'll be an option to 'skip' to the next episode instead of just 'fast forward'. On the whole, a tasty little app thats gunna come in really handy when batteries die in the remotes. far as i can see its only for videos and music that stream to the xbox, but the 'techs' are always fiddling who knows what it'll evolve into. Suppose this is a wee taster of what 'smartglass' will be like when it gets released

I haven't messed much with the on phone controller yet.  Do you ever get a message when you start up the app where it indicates that it cannot get your information at this time?  I get it every once in a while when I go into the app, but am still able to navigate through it normally.  Ever see that error?  Going to mess with the controller later today.