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Is it me or dose My Xbox Live app just not work... It's a joke... I even try using the website of my iPhone and that doesn't even work. I can only read message if im on a computer, or on the Xbox. Witch is weird coz the desktop version was perfect for my phone. It just worked, now when I press desktop version it just ignores me like a 3 year old kid not eating his green beans.. But all that website bussiness wouldn't matter a damn if the app that clams you can read message of it actually worked... What is Microsoft waiting for? Every review for there app is saying its not working... It really can't be that hard they dunno how to do it? I mean look at the 360, they can do the impossible already.. Please just fix your website and app...

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What version are you using..?? You might need to update your iPhone iOS, through iTunes too..

It works for me.

Seems to work OK for me as well after yesterday's update with one exception that I was wanting to see if anyone else was experiencing.  Sometimes when I open the app on iPhone it will tell me that it cannot gather my information at this time.  If I click "OK" it will let me proceed through the app as normal.  It doesn't always do it though.  Has anyone else experienced this with the newly update iPhone app?

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What version are you using..?? You might need to update your iPhone iOS, through iTunes too..


This might be the problem but if he has an older I-device then he may be screwed. I have an old ipod touch and cannot download or run certain apps because there is no more software updates available for that model.

They had this problem before, with the older version Xbox Application for iOS, that this chick I knew, was using on her iPhone 4 & it was a error, from an older iOS version & was also showing, that she was online at different times too..

She thought, she was getting hacked, when the server, was only refreshing online status, every 28mins or so...