my xbox keeps restarting itself

i was wondering if any one else has this problem as it can be really annoying as it happens at random i as told it was due to a problem with my kinect but it still happens even though i have disconected it can anyone help me



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Unplug every cable and put it back together again it could be a loose connection causing it to restart. After that ensure that the PSU (power brick) is in a well ventilated area if this gets to hot it shuts of to stop any damage being caused. If all else fails contact support and set up a repair

have you got both the HD lead and normal tv lead in at the same time?

you may have a problem with the power lead!

As above, could be video related. My xbox reboots when I change HDMI channel on the TV, if yours is random then a new HDMI cable would be a cheap thing to try.