my xbox 360 had an open NAT, my xboxOne has a MODERATE? PLEASE HELP



I realized a few days ago that my xb1 has a moderate nat type. Im not sure why as im using the same network I was using w my 360 prior to nov 22nd and it was open. Ive searched non stop for 3 days and have yet to come across a solution that works. I recently logged into my Verizon fios router via the ip address and was able to locate the DMZ option. I input the ip address of my xbox one console and hard reset my router, STILL MODERATE. I really don't know what else to do? If anyone has ANY instructions or step by step how to's to get my nat setting OPEN, I would really appreciate any feedback. Im not too computer savvy when it comes to port forwarding, making new IP's please if you can provide instructions, be as detailed as you can be. The model of the fios router is MI424WRand I am using a wireless connection the xb1. (hardwiring is NOT a possibility, xb1 and router are on different levels of my home.


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