My wife's 2 billion!

aussiegurl48 is my wife and thanks to who ever locked the post before i could put my word across, So you know she was told by a person on the Microsoft Support phone line that the "xbl enforcment team" had taken the 2 billion chips that she has played Ranked matches (earnt her way up to top 10th but is now 17th place on the ranked list) she also play's Hi/low against computer players with her friends and some occasional "bingo" poker also her xp (91 million there abouts) matches the bankroll she earnt legitimately anyone with any math skills could work it out! i have watched her play and even played with her on occasion. she has played full house poker almost everyday since the game was released this is how she has acumulated the xp and the bankroll! and what has been done is just not right not at all she was proud of her 2 billion bankroll ( it was a goal she had set for herself and achived until the overlords took it away) so that you have it the full story.


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It was locked because it was posted in the wrong place.

a link was provided by the mod who locked it so you could "put your word across" in the right place.

Phone support don't have access to data on enforcement over Xbox LIVE, so take whatever they told you with a pinch of salt.


You could try asking the enforcement team but the only way to contact them is by posting on sections 15 and 16 of this part of the forum but as those deal with suspensions and bans, you aren't likely to get answered.