My usb is saying i gav low mwmory on computer but not on xbox360

when i plug in my 8gb usb in my xbox it says i hav 8gb when i plug it into my computer it says i hav 458 mb free


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It's formatted to be used on the 360. The same space can't be used for your computer.

what happens if i use a computer usb, will it work on xbox360?

You'll have to format it first. After that it'll be the same as the USB stick you're using now.

You know you can choose how much space you want to use for xbox right?

I know but it always says da sam thing

When you format a flash drive for Xbox storage, the console creates a hidden Xbox folder on the drive.  If you have a 16GB drive and you choose 10GB for Xbox storage, your PC will only see the remaining space as free, whether you have stored any Xbox data or not.

Wat happens if i want to put music on the usb or see my profile

Obsessive Power has a good explanation but perhaps I can help as well. When you format any usb drive to work on the Xbox 360 it claims that space to be used ONLY by the 360. Your computer will not be able to access and use that space, which it why it only shows up as 458MB on the computer but not the Xbox. It is like splitting the usb drive in two. You will have 8GB total but your computer will only recognize the space you allocate to the PC, and your Xbox 360 will only be able to recognize what you allocate to the Xbox 360. If you would like to change the sizing, you can go back onto the Xbox 360 find the storage options, and you can have it remove and/or resize the Xbox 360 allocated space.

I believe the 360 can play music from a usb stick so adding the music to the PC side of the storage may allow you to play the music while using it as additional storage from the Xbox side, but I have not tried this yet. Maybe someone else would know this for certain. I'm not sure what you mean by profile. You could store your Live profile on the Xbox space, but your PC would not be able to see it, only the Xbox.