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I went on it said my stats was reset. I realized I lost 5 of my classes, my  regular tokens were gone and my permanent unlocked weapons were gone. I also realized that I only had 8 prestige tokens. I then called xbox and they said that it happens sometimes when people modify. But I did not modify anything. Can someone please explain what could of happened and how I can fix this situation/ if it can be fixed? 


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well we probably could explain if we knew what you were talking about...(you didn't mention the game you were having problems with)...and if it is some game then i'm sure you would get more responses in the forum corresponding to that particular game...whatever it is.


Ok so I have to laugh it off because you 100% right. I was referring to the Black Ops 2 game.

hey sarcasm are you there lol

Sounds like you were boosting or trey arch seems to think you we're so they gave you a reset.

No I wasn't doing any of the above @Biohazard 901

Game has just had a hot fix try login out and back in

I didn't say you did sorry if it came out like that. Same thing happen to my oldest son in one of those cod games but he doesn't boost. I'd have to ask him if his account was fixed I'm assuming it was cause he still plays it and he has all his classes and stats last time I watched him play.

Ok thanks guys but I don't do anything on this game but play so I am just gonna suck it up and deal.

maybe you had an offensive emblem at some point

Not even that @Viral. This really BLOWS!!!!!!