My son has bought a wrong download for his xbox, Can't get his money back, Dark Knight Rises anyone ?

He's bought (I think) 2 copies of "The Dark Knight Rises" movie to download to his xbox.

This is not what he was after at all but GAME won't let him take them back.

I can't see any downloads to buy on ebay or anything so is he stuck with these or is there anywhere I can sell them.  It's just a download code on a receipt.

Any help is appreciated, they were £6.99 each.


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You could put it on eBay, alot of game downloads are available in code form on there lately.

A recept?  A Store credit maybe possible........  Talk with a manager.   I would NOT try to resell them but, that's just me.  How is reselling taking it on the chin?  GOOD LUCK!!!

Thanks for the help ^^  Will tell him that he'll have to take this one on the chin and try and sell them to his mates or something..

Thanks again !

You might be able to sell them to other people but because as you've said it's a download code GAME can't be sure you haven't used them so you wouldn't be able to get a refund.


Hopefully you can find someone who trusts you to sell them too.