My screen is black???

So  just recently my xbox has been acting up..I would turn it on and the screen would be black i would get sound the rings are green.Then i would shut it down turn it back on and it would work just fine..Now i can not get it to work at all..Ive hooked up other devices,dvd player etc so that ruled out the tv input being bad.This is a refurbished unit that ms gave me after my other 2 bricked...Says it cost $99.00 to repair but i dont know if i even want to buy a new one with the issues i have  had.I feel i got ripped off,I paid so much money for the unit when it came out only to brick and get a refurbished model?That did not feel fair at all!!That is like buying a brand new car breaks down and they give you a used one with more miles....


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Yep...#3's video card is toast.

If you're using an HDMI cable, the 360 could be having "handshake" issues with the TV. I've seen stranger things than this. Try turning the TV off & back on when rebooting the 360 doesn't work.