My RPG Maker XP Game.

I'm so stuck on a suitable title for my game. I keep going through my head of what to call my game, and I can't think of any name for it. I'm not sure whether to have it a whole word or a whole word with a subtitle or two words with a space or three words or two words with an 'of' in the middle. One thing I might try is think of an original title, an original word or words that I can put together to form a title for my game - but even then I can't think of one. I have looked at a lot of RPG titles, and even them are original. They aren't lame like 'something' Fantasy. If I was smart enough, I would have thought of title like the real developers can.


Same thing happening with the story, I can't think of a suitable tale. I was thinking about an evil dark lord trying to destroy the world, but I think that's pretty lame.


I like the Final Fantasy series and The Tales series. I'm thinking about taking inspiration from them, meaning I probably would take something from them. Can I do that?


I can't make my mind up for the life of me, so I came to the community, and see what you can come up with.


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