My review of what needs to be fixed NOW

These are the things I believe need fixing immediately in order from highest to lowest priority.

1. Dolby Digital optical audio out - Almost every gamer these days uses a gaming headset when we play. What's the point in having a $200+ headset with 7.1 surround sound if my Xbox One only outputs stereo? Seems like a huge step backwards to me. This is suppose to be nex-gen but we can't have 20 year old technology?

2. Chat adapter - Number 1 brings me to number 2. With the number of headsets out there that can only be used partially because of stereo sound it is a huge slap in the face to people who want to use their headset to chat with friends and can't because of the useless proprietary plug that's on the controller. Luckily I have some brains and the first thing I did after hooking up my console was cut apart the headset that was included and wired it up to my Turtle Beach x41's... Unfortunately most people don't have the skills to do things like that and it should never have been this way either. I understand you're all about making money and you plan to turn around and sell an adapter (for probably $30) to make it work but this should be something that works out of the box.

3. Friends online notifications - I don't think I need to explain this one. There needs to be a feature to let me know when my friends get online. This has to be the dumbest thing ever for someone to remove. I don't know who would approve of something like this but they clearly weren't thinking. Another huge step backwards.

4. Faster way to friends - On the xbox 360 I could navigate through the menu easily and without delay to bring up my friends and immediately invite them to my game and/or party without a problem. On the xbox one it takes much too long to load the friends "app", which shouldn't even be an app it should just be there to view at all times. Then after I wait 2 minutes for it to load, I have to click through 3 or 4 different things just to see who's online. It should be "Xbox show friends" and boom I have an overlay of who's online (only on xbox one since I can't do anything with 360 users anyway)

5. Voice and Video Messages - Again nothing I should have to explain in great detail. We all have a Kinect now, the ability to send and receive these kinds of messages should be there. Also it should work across platform. The ability to party chat and send voice messages should work. I know you have an upgraded voice codec to make it sound amazing but it should still be backwards compatible with 360.

6. Price of digital downloads - Games that I can download right to my console should not ever ever ever cost more than they do in a retail store. The cost to print a game, ship it to the retail stores and sell it far outweighs what it cost to share something digitally no matter what. Come on now, steam offers huge game backs for less than $30 at times with every game in a series. Apple offers music tracks for 99 cents per track. These ways cut costs and should be discounted from 20% or more!

7. Parties - I can't complain much about these because for me they have been working okay. Some minor problems with games not cooperating but nothing too bad. The one big problem I see is when I join a party but then I have to go and turn on party chat... Clearly if I joined the party, I want to turn on chat. Make it an option to turn off party chat, have it on by default.

8. There should be a trailer, demo, and reviews we can publish for every single digital download on the market. I do not want to pay full price for a game and then find out it doesn't work. This happened to me with Dead Rising 3. I purchased it to specifically play online  co-op with my friend and with the broken party system and bugs in the game it was unplayable to me and I felt like I just threw away $60 for nothing. Luckily I fixed that issue and I felt like I was taken good care of.

9. Battery indicator - Don't need to explain this one. Put an indicator somewhere that lets us know our batteries are low. Hell even make the controller vibrate in a certain pattern to let us know. Stupid to leave this out.

10. Storage management - Need to be able to see how much space we have left and to be able to delete things we don't use anymore.

11. Recent Players - Isn't the whole social experience impacted when I can't see who I just played a game with to add them as a friend?

12. Game clips - When you save a clip it automatically gets uploaded into my Skydrive account with a name, date, etc... Not only that, it should have an option to set the specific time the xbox will go back when you say "xbox record that" I believe now it is 30 seconds, but give the ability to pick 10,20,30,40,50,60,etc...

13. Upload Studio - it works well, however 5x clips is kinda stupid because it is required to make 5 clips. What if I only want to join 2 clips together? Or 20 for that matter?

14. Twitch streaming - I know it's coming but it would be nice to have

15. Screenshots

16. Shorter game names for kinect. I don't want to say Xbox go to call of duty ghosts every time I switch. It's the only call of duty for xbox one right now, just call it ghosts.

I found this website while typing out my post here and it seems to offer everything that we need fixed so get to it guys!


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Lol@ #1.  Really man? THAT is what should be fixed first?  What about the disc install times taking 2-3 hours sometimes?  *smh

I agree with everything but number 3. You should be able to select specific friends that you see come online. I don't want to get a 1000 prompts with the increased friends list. I'd also like to be able to see just followers when you click on that not a mixture of friends and followers.

I agree with more or less everything, in response to PICK 34 as well they should maybe even do it so you can see when friends in your favourites list come online (or even have the option to choose between having no notifications, being notified when all friends come online or being notified when favorites come online.

I think they messed up a lot of the menus so these are priorities for me, it shouldnt take longer to go to your friends, start a party and invite what friends you want to talk to on the xbox one compared to 360