My Posse Is Ready To Ride Again...

So as pretty much everyone knows by now, BC is here on Xbox One. You can vote for what game titles you'd like to see again Here. Currently RED DEAD REDEMPTION is the most requested. I voted for it, among some others. (Lollipop Chainsaw, Alan Wake, to name a few) What games did you vote for?


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What's up with BIOSHOCK. I see no mention of it. Now RDR has to be BC. I have the game on deck ready to go!!!  

Alot of those games on the votel ist have a remastered version already so no need for them. Why vote for Halo when you can get all of them in one download with improved visuals, same goes for Dishonored, they have a remaster coming out soon.

Yahoo!!!! Too Human made the list. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE

I voted for RDR too, but the last time I tried multiplayer it was pretty hack-infested.  Has the MP been cleaned up at all?

Regardless of the state of the MP, it would still be great to have the story mode available.

I went through the entire list and voted for every game I own (which consists of 300+ games). :)

RDR is definitely top of my list too though. ;)

While I personally hardly ever used backwards compatibility on any capable console i believe it is good for those who want and need it.  

I voted for Red Dead Redemption.  I was upset when I learned that GTA V was being re-mastered over Read Dead Redemption.  But I understood it.  

I voted for Halo Wars, Alan Wake, Fable Trilogy, Splinter Cell Conviction and Splinter Cell Blacklist.  

And a few others not named Call of Duty.  

I enjoy going back to play older games just as I enjoy rereading a favourite book.

That doesn't mean I don't want to play new games, I wouldn't have spent so much on my PC if I didn't, or read new releases.

Sometimes it's nice to go back and remember what things were like.

I don't know about that tbh, I sometimes still play the original Populous and simcity lol.

Hey Goat

I know what you mean.  But you probably know what I mean too.

The games are dated and really showing their age.

Gameplay will always trump graphics but as technology advances good gameplay alone isn't enough to carry it.

I know Modern Warfare 2 was one of my votes. Can't remember what were the other ones.

Last I checked, RDR was the top request for BC compatibility. It's nice to see that not the majority wants to play COD all day long on a shiny new machine.

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