My other account was banned

I know this is the wrong place to post this but the support on being banned extremely un helpful


anyway what i would like to know is: my account was banned until the 2/6/11 and its now 19:12 on that date and im still banned so could anybody shed some light as to why i still have not been unbanned yet?


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Suspensions are lifted at roughly the same time of day as they were issued. So if you got suspended at 20:00 that is around the time it will lift.

you get unbanned on or around the time you got banned as far as i know!

normally the time they banned you is the time that the ban lifts. so it that banned you at 11pm it wont unlock until then.

Thank you guys i have been asking the support on here about this all day and all they seem to beable to do is tell you what part of the conduct you broke :/

Thanks again

yeah all you will get there is that, thats all they're required to say so that is all you get.

What did you get banned for out of interest?

I got banned for this "I Have A Chubby! ;D" lol

Your account ban will be lifted as said above, as soon as the full elapsed ban time has expired.