My old school gaming set up. Yes. 2 channel & loving it.

Ok. I'm old. 38. I game on the Sony XBR960 & Sony XBR910. You won't find a better picture in the 34inch range, minus professional CRT monitors. I am kool bubba ice, so I use a headphone gaming rig. My twice modded Headphone amp pro cost me around 750.00.. Expensive, but great for gaming. I do have a Yamaha 1800 when I want a SS experience. I also use a Bel Canto modded DAC 2. & use headphones that use 1937 technology. I currently own 2 DT48 headphones from the mid 50's.. Not great for multi play, as they sound like headphones, & not a speaker system. I got the top of the line evil monster HDMI cable for 30.00 new.. Retail is 130 for 8FT.. The best HDMI cable from bluejeans would cost me around the same.. I'm not going to say I see a difference from my monoprice HDMI cables but I like how the monster HDMI cable fits snugly into my 360, unlike my other HDMI cables. I also listen to tapes from 20 yrs ago in my truck.. If headphones interest you for gaming, check my many blogs on teamxbox & my reference gaming page on facebook.


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cool story bro

Thank you for being respectful.. I was actually expecting a smart @@@ comment.. This is based off other sites I been too..

I'm not old school because I want to be, its just that I can't bring myself to replace something perfectly good just to have the latest TV.  That and money is tight with two kids after a divorce and trimming the budget down to one income.

All Sony TV's here, and knock on wood, they just keep going.  I'd like my son's 32" to die, but it won't so....

Our main A/V TV is the KP-65XBR10W, the boys have a 32" trinitron (nothing special) in their room, and I have a kv27fs13 in my room.

Well i older than you are , but i love my 7.2

You will tend to find more mature gamers on the XBOX 360 and in these forums.  Looking over the Bel Canto website now...

The Bel Canto DAC 1.5 & 2 are still very good considering they are from 1999 or 01, & can be had for under 400.00..

I have 4 HDTV's.. 26inch Samsung HD tube TV. 34inch Sony 910. 34inch Sony 960 that is calibrated. 42inch Rear projection Sony LCD. I have a good receiver, & would like to get speakers one day.. 5.1 is great for gaming.. I'm just content with my headphones.. Will get the Peachtree audio Nova in the fall.. Uses the state of the art Sabre dacs & includes a high quality tube headphone amp..1,200.. But I been working tons of overtime.)

It's funny, because in our living room, the consoles run (via HDMI) through a 7.1 Marantz receiver with Polk Audio speakers to a properly calibrated 46" 1080p Sony display, while in the bedroom, the consoles run directly to a 26" 1080p Insignia with no outboard speakers... 95% of the time, I play in the bedroom because I highly prefer sitting at the desk, looking at a smaller screen. While none of our sets are SD, sometimes simpler is better.

I'm glad you enjoy your set up, and it is some nice gear; but for me personally; nothing can beat surround sound for gaming.  I mainly play multiplayer, and to be able to hear the direction the action is coming from is a huge help.  I can't tell you how many times my life has been saved by being able to hear the footsteps of the guy trying to sneak up behind me to slice me in the back.