My kids just want to play against each other on their Xbox One..Why can't they????

I need to know why, none of the shooter games let my family/friends play against each other on the Xbox One.  That was the primary reason I bought the Xbox One, so the kids just shoot the crap out of each other and not play have to play online.  Is this going to change with new games or do I have to sell this thing and get the 360 so they can?  This constant online thing is crap!!!  I don't want my kids playing against who knows who when they could have just as much fun playing against each other or with each other!!!!!!!  Does anyone know if this is going change?


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It's down to the games developer if they put split screen in a game.

It should tell you on the back of the games cover wether it has local multiplayer or not.It's nothing to do with the console.

Sounds to me the Xbox 360 is the way to go. Get a couple and system link them up via ethernet cable for the kids. The Xbox one is currently even more so online based than the Xbox 360  and as it seems currently does not have local multiplayer compatible games.

Call of Duty Ghosts offers split screen play

Thanks everyone.  I hope the developers start realizing  that not everyone wants to play online.  Hell it takes my kids about an hour just to load a game, its crazy!