My Jump Drive Cannot Store Anywhere NEAR The Max Capacity!

Long story short, there are massive problems with my Xbox 360's disc drive, and it refuses to read most games unless they are installed. Because of this, my massive game collection fills my hard drive, so I want to let it fill my hard drive whilst I move all of my arcade games, data and DLC to storage devices. I found out that Xbox 360's only allocate 32 GB max on any storage device not designated for the Xbox. So, I bought multiple USB storage devices labelled 32 GB, expecting to be able to store 32 GB, but after formatting, only 3.3 GB are available for storage. I highly doubt that formatting requires 29 GB, so I need some help.


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At this point it sounds like you'd be better off repairing or replacing your xbox.  I've heard of the issue with the jump drives before and Iall I can remember about that is it has something to do with the partitioning of the format.  I'm curious though... if your xbox refuses to read most games, how on earth do you manage to get them installed?