My IP Address was flooded. HACKED

I was told by a service representative to come to the forums to tell the Xbox Enforcement Team what had happened that since he didn't access my profile there isn't anything he can do from his end. 

A member named [Mod Removed] hacked into my IP Address and flooded it, however that's done.  He was a friend of a friend in our party on COD: Black Ops II, after a while of all his talking and complaining he said something to the liking of " It's so annoying when people do... " and I just said yes you are.   I was tempted to kick him but I didn't since he was a friend of a friend in the lobby.  A few minutes later he said, who said I'm annoying? I said, I did.  He said where are you from?   I told him the city I'm from and he said " I'm annoying? Watch. " and my Xbox just froze.  I tried clicking the center button, wouldn't come up, tried pushing the power button, wouldn't turn off, tried taking the batteries out of the controller and putting them back in, nothing worked.  Finally I had to unplug my Xbox from the back for it to finally power down.  Needless to say what he did was wrong, no member should have access to another members IP address.  I get the fact that their are people out there that will continue to hack and hack to find ways of doing so but I hope that Xbox wants to do it's best to keep those members out of it's community.   I've been an Xbox Live member for years and never has this happened to me.  I would like for something to be done about this [Mod Removed] member and to let others know to be careful who you let in your lobbies, with the little research I've done in the past hour to figure this out I've learned that somehow members are able to access you IP address if they are in your party.  Please Xbox Live, do something about this hacker.  I was reassured that my information is safe on Xbox live, but their are many things people like him can do once they have found an IP address.  I don't want people like that knowing where I live. 

- Kinzie.


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You can't call out other gamertags on the forums.

The enforcement team don't read these forums,the only way you can bring this person to the enforcement teams attention is by filing a complaint via your console.

As for being kicked of live read this about how to deal with this problem

I did that and I did speak to a representative and he told me to inform the community on here and that they do read the forums.

[quote user="Lady Ink 405"]I did that and I did speak to a representative and he told me to inform the community on here[/quote]Completely the wrong thing to do. We are just regular users of the forum, no-one who has any power to help you will see the post here.

The forum has a no name and shame rule, you can find it in this thread

If you don't want to view that thread here is the rule alone.


  • Naming and Shaming
    • You cannot name other gamertags or call them out publicly on the forums regardless of their crime on Xbox Live

[/quote]Support seem woefully ignorant of the rules of the forum and continue to send people here to break them. An act that is more likely to get you suspended from here than it is the other person from LIVE.

[quote user="Lady Ink 405"]and that they do read the forums.[/quote]The Enforcement Team only view two boards of the forum. 15 - My LIVE account was suspended and 16 - My console was banned.

Both of which are only for enquiring about bans. There really is no section of the forum for reporting players. Reporting through your console really is the only thing you can so.

Also IP flooding is not something Microsoft can stop. The IP is gained from your internet connection and so it is your Internet Service Provider you should be contacting about the issue. 

You may want to check here for more info ... Its something worth contacting your ISP about !

Yep Ms has a loop hole about things. They tell you to post them on fourms then the fourms has this stupid no name and shame which is retarted. MS has tryed to cover up the hacking attemps before. To me MS service has gotten worst.

Sorry for dbl post

[quote] I don't want people like that knowing where I live.[/quote]

Wait for it...

[quote]I told him the city I'm from...[/quote]

Go ahead and reset your IP address if you're worried. Turn off your modem/router for a while....    D33dles has a good point---  Never give out personal information.   Also, no need to play with ANY unwanted user.  Please file a complaint through the console after Blocking, Avoiding and Muting the User.    GOOD LUCK!!!

I was also told by an Xbox rep to report this kind of activity as I am getting Dos attacks and have been for the last two days from username: [Mod Removed] he came into a co-op game I was playing with my clan being disruptive, so we kicked him from the room, I then received threatening messages from him saying he was a hacker and he was going to shut down my service. Now my clan members (the ones who were present at the time) and I have been getting packet-flood attacks since. I reported him for tampering and listed him ad an avoided player. I have also re-set my router to no avail. This is very aggravating because now just about every time I sign into my game he knocks me out of Xbox Live. I have called Tech-Support who informed me that basically they have to "catch him" in the act, so for the time being I can't play any online games. I hope this is resolved soon.


Mod Edit: Please do not name and shame on the forums. Thank you.

The Xbox rep lied to you. The forum rules don't allow 'naming and shaming. To do so is more likely to get you suspended from the forum than it is the other person banned from LIVE.

What you need to do now is to contact your ISP, as what the person is doing is against the law.

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