My image cut off on sides but I can't change overscan

I have a bit of a problem.  I have a cheapo off-brand TV with a native resolution of 1366x768, and I'm using an HDMI cable.  I've searched everywhere to find a way to change overscan on the television but no luck.  I've been running the xbox with a resolution of 1360x768.  Somebody told me that it looks better in 720p.  However, when I switch it to 720p, it seems like my entire screen is zoomed in.  My remote says my TV is set to 16:9 and it won't change from that.  Is there any way for me to run in 720p and see the full image?  Or am I really not missing much running on 1360x768?


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At 1366x768, games with a 1280x720 front buffer will have to be scaled regardless, and there the question is whether the tv or Xbox 360 does the better job. Often it's the Xbox 360 - since the scaling algorithm used is chosen and set up optimally for graphics.


It's typical of tv's to crop about 2.5% from each edge, and it's usually only when feeding 1080i/p input to a 1920x1080 screen that you get the ability to defeat overscan (as a side-effect of the 1:1 pixel mapping).


I would stick with the 1360x768 setting on the Xbox 360 and make sure the reference levels are set correctly (probably extended since it's a PC resolution).