My friend..Has been hacked..

This guy was on his account, sent out messages saying he could hack all of us and take our credit information.This means alot to me because If my parants money gets stolen.Well. Its not right. Please help me, His user is [Mod Removed]..I Don't want to get hacked...please!


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If you never gave out your information of your Account to anyone or any other Website you are fine. Simply Block Communications, File a Complaint and move on. If the User in question had any knowledge of anything remote in regards to Xbox LIVE why would he even send you a "warning"? Think about it a little?

An just an fyi, you cannot name and shame or call out other Profiles on the Forums, that's not what the Forums are for.

Has your friend got anything on their E-mail saying what their gamertag is..?? It sounds like your friend might of opened a phishing e-mail & if your friend, had their Gamertag details or called their e-mail (>gamertag<, that person could of just logged into your friends Live Account & sent the messages...


All you can do is;

1. Change your password on your account..

2. Remove any details of your gamertag from your e-mail..

   (that could include you sending an e-mail saying; this is my new Gamertag or having your gamertag as your name etc)

3. Change your privacy settings for email to "Private" or Custom settings on "Just Me"

4. Report the incident to the Xbox LIVE Policy and Enforcement team..

5. I would open up a new email with Hotmail, just for Xbox LIve & change your account settings on Live through "My Account" at the top of this page...

That way it's solely for your Xbox Live account & the Xbox LIVE Policy and Enforcement team can quickly see if there is an issue with your account, as only the live service uses it etc.. Don't give Anyone your new address either...

Hope this helps & your friends should do the same..

First thing I would recommend is removing any credit card or debit card attached to your gamer tag. Change your windows live Id password on a regular basis.

I had my profile accessed and my ms points stolen and I never gave out my password. It can happen and it is somehow connected to FIFA 12, because they buy game content for that game and send it to ther own profile. Btw I don't have FIFA 12 but if you look at my games played It says I played it because someone did on thier console using my gamer tag that they accessed illegally. I have to give huge props to xbox support for solving my problem in less than 24 hours and returning my stolen points.

Read the security sticky at the top of this forum and do what it tells you.

If a person could hack your account, why would he tell you he was going to do it?!  You'd think he would just hack it, and get the information and wouldn't inform anyone what he was doing.

You need to contact Xbox 360 support for any hacking worries or issues.


Phone: 0844 545 81 43


Open Times:

Monday to Friday – 9:00am to 10:00pm

Saturday – 9:00am to 8:00pm

Sunday – 9:00am to 5:00pm

I would file a complaint, Block communications.