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I'm hoping to start up some new forums, I know we have these ones, and other members of these forums have forums etc etc, but I still want to give it a go.


I spend quite alot of my time on these forums, more time than on my xbox most days and am struggerling to find enough topics and posts to reply to.

I've literally only made the forums within the last few days, I've tinkered with them abit but I'm not massively qualified with all this, I just need members to try and get the ball rolling, hopefully find friends and other people who can help me with the forums.


Everything is a working title, the name, the concept, everything. At first i was going to start a Clan, but seeing as thats just specific to events etc, i wanted to create a community which would the branch off and have clan inbedded within that community but we'll see how that goes.


Please don't flame me, if you have any criticism inbox me, if its constructive then please feel free to post :)


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Im in, things have really slowed down around here.

I just need to try and get more members, but no1 seems interested. I'm literally the only one of there lol.

I would be happy to help you with this mate, Great Idea

Just a word of advice, since it's a small forum keep the sections small.

There's nothing worse than going to a forum and having to scroll down for 3 minutes just to get to the off-topic section (which is always at the bottom) because the owner has stuck a section for every friggin' little thing.  "COD Forum", "Halo Forum", "Anime Forum", "Game Forum", etc.

good luck with the bake sale.

I'm rooting for ya

All i want is for it to have an announcement section for the forum news, a section for people to meet eachother and arrange online games and a section for everyone to just chat about whatever they like. No separate forums for games etc.

Forums are now open, small forums list to keep threads together and easy to find.

Fifa 11 tournament being planned at the moment.

We need people to join and maybe ask their friends, everyone's welcome as long as there's no trouble

Please give us a go, we need to start somewhere :)

A lot of us play in a fifa tourny at the moment :) theres 2 leagues off here

Never said there weren't any going at the moment. More than one tourney never hurt anyone :P

It really shows how dead it is around here, a few months ago this kind of thread would have vanished without a trace with all the rest of the legitimate posts lol.

Moderators have lost interest it seems. I guarantee that if they give us the old skin back then the traffic would return.

Might be an idea to allow visitors of your forum to browse around without the need to register.

* Please try a lower page number.

* Please enter only numbers.

* Please try a lower page number.

* Please enter only numbers.