My favorite Achievement

So my favorite achievement is the "don't get cocky kid" from Dead Space, because its a refrence to Star Wars (han tells this to luke in the dog fight sceene in the millennium falcon in episode 4) and I love Star Wars and it was hard to get... surviving the ads cannon with 50% health wasnt easy...

So what awesome other achivements are out there and why do you like them?


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LEGO: Lord of the Rings

One does not simply...   5(G)
Walk into Mordor.

Not sure about favourite but getting Vidmaster Challenge: Annual from Halo 3 was fun.

Sadly mine was the "One Million Dollars" achievement on Wheel of Fortune lol

all of them...

Playing through Mirror's Edge without firing a gun, Halo 3 Vidmaster Annual, or (oddly enough) beating Death Star II on the original Lego Star Wars game without dying.  What a royal pain in the butt that one was!

My favorite one was getting 100% completion in Bully Scholarship Edition. I just loved that game so much :)