My Day by Day Evaluation of the X1

I went to the BF sale at Wallyworld to pick up N, Drake but by the time I weeded through the crowd. Him and all 200 + was gone within the 1st hour of the sale. So I decided I'll just pick up the Tombraider Ed X1 instead (Not part of the BF sale but oh well right.) They didn't have any! But back towards Automotive there was a huge stack of GOW Ultimate ed X1's priced at $299

Now mind you that the N, Drake console bundle was by far the better deal (at least locally, and I shop local as often as I can.) as it included not only N, Drake but both of his twin brothers as well. With the X1 at the same exact price, all you get is Gears of War Ultimate. And MS wonders.. I digress!

Anywho, I get the X1, set it up and low and behold. In addition to your tag, Microsoft puts your full name across the top on the X1's home screen, now I've no idea if people who click your tag can see your full name or not but even if they can't it still isn't right So strike 2.

Okay, so I dl a few GwG titles I had reserved for the X1 and at 10mbps it took all day just to DL the 1st 5 and it's now 6 am the following day and it's still got 22 more to go. So I figure if this is the norm then Net providers (TWC.. Hint) better get to work on providing astronomical speeds at affordable prices. 

Navigation: I had played the X1 before, but navigating today isn't what it was like just 6 weeks ago. But I'll figure it out.. I hope. 

Update Controller: Huh, are you kidding me? The controller came bundled with the console and it, along with the console needs an update already??? I'll update it after everything else gets through Downloading, Installing and updating 1st... Perhaps after next Sunday, if everything else finishes by then!

All that aside for now. Because of BC and with over 300 Xbox 360 games in my collection. I'll put it to good use.

PS: I was under the impression that after loading a disc based game that you could play it without the disc for a certain time? That's not true at all for every time I tried. It asks for the disc!


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You can set if others see your full name or not, I don't like it splashed across the screen either but no biggie, as for controller updates I've never done has always required the disc to be in the tray to play.  

You can hide your real name or choose whether people can see it or not,that's been there for ages.

One of the new features is that you can change the button/trigger/thumbstick assignments on your controller which is why you need to update it if you want.

Downloads taking so long is not the consoles fault.

You have always had to insert the disc in order to play disc games on the xbox one,not sure where you heard otherwise.

As for the dash,you'll get used to it.I hated it at first but don't mind it now but I spend so little time on the dash anyway.

^ Not the point.

Customers Names should NEVER be posted, in any way shape or form by any corporation.

Some people asked for the feature to show their real name next to their gamertag so it was added.

I don't like it either so I don't show mine,pretty simple.

And how do you NOT show it?

Be specific, as navigating this Behemoth isn't an easy task... At least not yet!

Electro I don't think it dos share it unless you opt into name sharing, it's just on your screen.  

Yeah,it is set to "block" by default so it isn't shared.

Go into settings privacy and online settings and you can change how your name appears on your console (just change it to your gt or something if it bothers you). as others have said no one will see it anyway unless you choose to allow it yourself. Im not keen on it either but tbh dont really care now as long as its not there for everyone to see

I changed it along with a number of other things I didn't know were part of this. Thanks Badger!

Now onto day 2... What other surprises can I expect to see? I've no idea, but that name thing still has me concerned with how well MS is, or isn't keeping their customers personal info secure.

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