my console got unbanned after 3 week

guess what,,Microsoft love me!!!

i got my console unbanned

i know the console ban is irreversible

for all the people who said i got banned for nothing!!!!

maybe you gonna be unbanned!    :)

i love you Microsoft!!!


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New information, just released yesterday. It seems some of the console bans were by mistake.


i knew i did nothing wrong!   :)

if your one of those mentioned in that article you should also have got some microsoft points , did you?

i only got this email,still no MS points and 3 month gold


We have identified a software issue that may have impacted your Xbox 360 console and its ability to access Xbox LIVE. If you have received a console suspended message from August 29, 2011 to September 9, 2011, you may have been impacted by this issue. Please attempt to reconnect your console to Xbox LIVE and you should no longer receive the message.

We apologize for the inconvenience this has probably caused you, and we are applying a three month Xbox LIVE Gold credit automatically to your account over the next few business days. In addition, 1600 Microsoft Points will also be deposited into your Xbox LIVE Gold account. You need take no action as these items will be applied automatically.

The Xbox LIVE Enforcement team works to help make Xbox LIVE a safe and enjoyable experience for our customers. We very much regret this issue occurred and we hope to see you again on the service.

If you have any further questions or concerns please contact us at

Thank you,

Xbox LIVE Enforcement Team

has anyone recieved there 3 months of gold yet...ive got the ms points but no gold

What is hilarious, is the system MS always, always claimed to be infallible is well...erm infallible.  You know, something that can, does and will happen when it involves humans.  The whole banning procedure has always been a joke, with no way for the accused to appeal, but still they will maintain, that other than this little 'glitch', their banning process is infallible.  I wonder how many people out there have lost 100's due to MS poor banning process.

Shoddy treatment for those people that help pay the wages of those banning them.

Do you also realise MS only admitted this problem because they were getting it from all angles from consumer groups rather than taking it upon themselves to listen to their customers?

This issue and the reluctance of MS to initially admit their banning process was shoddy was aired on UK TV last night.