My connection is bad on Left 4 dead but great on every other game?

Ok ive started playing Left 4 dead for a bit again but Im always getting 1 bar of connection or occasionaly 2 but never 3. I thought there was just a problem with my connection so I left it but it still has 1 or 2 bars. But when I play on other games MW2 get full green bars. Halo full green bars. FIFA 11 full green connection. Why is it just Left 4 dead I have bad connection?


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Left 4 Dead doesn't have a very good method for picking the host if you hadn't noticed... Plus theres eight humans and a shed load of zombies. Thats alot of data.

Call of Duty and Halo choose the host based on the fastest connection present in the game, which is pretty clever stuff. FIFA shouldn't lag as theres only two of you..