My Biggest Complaint with Xbox

Okay I just recently ran out of Xbox live gold. 

No big deal, so I decided until I can get a PS4 (Already decided since Xbox has no good titles on it), I'd just keep playing offline.

so today I went to go and download some of my old games, as my  account has DOZENS of great single players games, and what do I find? Nothing.

thats right, if I don't have gold, I can't access content I OWN. This is the biggest middle finger Xbox ever pointed my way and this should be illegal, I've bought well over a thousand dollars worth of content, and now I can't access it because my subscription ran out? 

This is isn't looking for help, I don't want Microsofts help, or their games, or anything they produce, I just wanted to share that if your gold runs out Microsoft treats you like garbage. Though they will probably delete this post in fear of critisism


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Untrue,anything you've downloaded will be in your download history ready to be downloaded again,regardless of wether you are a gold or silver account.

According to your forum gamercard you are still gold.

Did you pay for your Xbox live gold with a debit or credit card?

Is it set to auto renew?

Your gamertag could be suspended. When your gold time runs out the system will try to charge the card again to renew your subscription. If no funds are found it will freeze your account and lock you out of it. I'd give xbox support a call if this is what has happened. You will need to work something out with them.

Otherwise if auto renew is off you shouldn't have any problems accessing your account and content. You account should of reverted to a silver account.